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Andrew Tully Mask (Artist Rendition)

Andrew Tully Mask (Artist Rendition)

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Step into the chilling world of "Hell House LLC" with the Basement Clown "Andrew Tully mask", a hauntingly crafted masterpiece personally finished by the artist behind the mask featured in the film. This isn't just a replica; it's an authentic piece of horror history, meticulously designed to capture the terror of the infamous basement scene...

Crafted from premium latex, this Basement Clown mask comes straight from the nightmares of the artist that created the mask used in the movie, ensuring every detail is faithfully recreated. Unlike the mass-produced versions, this mask in made out of the highest quality slip casting latex on the market. This mask measures at 24 inches, making it larger and more comfortable than the mass produced version!

Complete with its signature collar, this limited edition mask is a collector's dream, destined to become the centerpiece of any horror aficionado's collection. But act fast – these masks are limited and available only by pre-order. Shipping begins in September, just in time to add an extra dose of terror to your Halloween festivities.

Whether you're a die-hard fan of "Hell House LLC" or simply appreciate the artistry behind a truly terrifying creation, the Basement Clown mask is a must-have for any horror enthusiast. Don't miss your chance to own a piece of horror history – reserve yours today before they vanish into the basement forever.

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